Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 11.11.11 Weekend Playlist

First, I have to start this post by mentioning one of my new favorite music sharing websites. It is called RCRDLBL.COM. Founded in 2007, RCRD allows you to legally download MP3's directly and connects you with emerging artists. My discovering of this website came through accidental emails. I never signed up for it, but started receiving newsletters! I have been hooked since! There are no catches, just free magical ear orgasms. I like the newsletters, but if you are happier with receiving your updates via Facebook you can 'Like' there page HERE.

Posted below is there current playlist that I CAN NOT get enough of!

Enjoy Y'all,


  1. hey Cody!!! just discovered you for the first time (I'm 18 lol) and I just wanted to say how awesomely sexy and amazing you are!!!! you're an inspiration of how I can be confident in who I am!!!!! you're by far, one of the coolest guys EVER!!!!!! :) thanks for being awesome, from all your fans!!!!!!!!

  2. Cute PIC , And Your One Sexy GUY,

    All the best Tyler James